Executive Search

It's a fact that most companies spend anywhere from 25% to 46% of an executives annual salary to either re-hire or hire a new executive or management team member.  These costs are even more staggering when you consider that almost 30% of these hires don't last 2-years.  At Viewpoint, we take the time necessary to not only understand what our clients want, but to clarify what constitutes a successful "upper-level" hire, based on thorough candidates assessments and current employee benchmarking.  Our process is unique to our industry, but more importantly, it gets results.  Upper-level and executive turnover of Viewpoint placements over 10 years is less than 5%, compared to an industry average of 29%.

  • Mid to Upper Level Executive
  • C-Suite Executive
  • Proprietary assessment & benchmarking
  • Extended guarantee period
  • Retained & Contigency search options