About Us

Viewpoint Solution Partners, LLC., is one of the most progressive executive recruitment and consulting firms in the southern United States. We offer an array of human resource related services designed to help our clients make better hiring decisions, and build high-performance teams. Simply put, our clientele' hire, train and retain more effectively every day.

In addition to increasing human capital excellence within our client organizations, we work with company leaders and entrepreneurs to meet challenges related to cash-flow, strategic planning and development.

We have over 25 years of experience helping our clients succeed, and we can help you. Contact us today and lets have a conversation about what's important to your organization.

Meet the Team

Together our team can help you better understand the everyday ins and outs of your business.


Jon Humphries


Jon Humphries is the Founder and CEO of Viewpoint Solution Partners, a Central Texas-based recruitment, business funding and consulting firm. As Jon tells it, “It’s not always success in business that has been the greatest teacher. Sometimes the most valuable lessons are learned in the challenges."

After attending college at Texas Tech University, Jon started his career in the F-500 sector for one of the world's largest recruitment and consulting organizations. Jon began his journey as an entrepreneur by starting his own executive search agency back in the mid-1990's. Since that time, Jon has been a key player several successful ventures and has worked with literally hundreds of clients and organizations to help them meet their goals for building quality teams and developing their businesses.

“What I know is this: it’s not what we sell or the service we provide. Our core values in business are often the determining factor in our success or failure. The greatest thing I can do for any client is to help them establish these values and build a future based on them.”


David North

Vice President

David North is Vice-President of Viewpoint Solution Partners, and heads up the business funding unit for our organization. David is also instrumental in the day-to-day sales and business development practices of the firm.

After attending Texas Tech University, David spent over 20 years in the business funding and mortgage loan industries as a funding specialist and mortgage banker. He has extensive knowledge and a resource base to help almost any business circumstance in terms of working with clients to source the capital that they need for growth and development.

David lives in Hewitt, TX. with his fiancé, Jacqulyn, and their daughter.


Ashley Frate

Office Manager



Heather Ellis

Senior Recruiter - Medical


Brian Roland

Brian Roland

Senior Recruiter -

Executive Research